Body to Body Massage Guide

Welcome to body to body massage guide.

What is a body to body massage?

There are many different kinds of massages that you can receive when visiting a massage therapist. A body to body massage is one of the most sensual massages you can experience and will prove to be a unforgettable experience.

A body to body massage is a very intimate massage involving you and the massage therapist being completely naked and being in close contact with each other. This is a full body massage and she will leave no part of you untouched. Sex is not the main goal however, instead she will make you feel new heights of sensuality and orgasm is likely by the end of it.

What to expect during a massage.

When visiting a massage therapist for a body to body massage you can expect them to be be professional and experienced. They are there to give you pure pleasure and will only have your satisfaction in mind. She will take you into a warm, quiet room where the two of you will get undressed. She will then begin by massaging you with oil, going slowly and building you up to

the point where you’re eager for more of her touch. She will more than likely start with you lying facedown, massaging your back and shoulders with her hand and also using her whole body before getting you to turn over. She will then focus on the front of your body. She will take her time on your legs and arms, giving attention to your delicate areas such as your fingers and hands. These little touches will make you aroused; this is normal and expected. She will then move in closer, working her way over your stomach. Her hands will gently knead you until she’s where you want her. Sexual release is a common way to finish a body to body massage and if that has been agreed to beforehand then this is when she will proceed to bring you to climax.

Benefits of having a body on body massage.

There are many benefits when it comes to having a body to body massage. The most noticeable one is the release of stress and tension. She will work your muscles carefully, taking the time to knead them with her gentle but confident fingers. You will relax under her touch and afterwards feel rejuvenated. This could lead to you being happier and getting a better night’s sleep. A side effect of massage is increased blood flow to the ares where you’ve been massaged. If you’ve been experiencing sexual problems then the extra attention may help alleviate them. It can also help relieve sexual frustration. Massage therapists know how to use their hands and will touch you in all the right ways; there will be no quick roughness to it. They know that the better the build up the better your orgasm will be and they’ll take the time to give you the best orgasm of your life.


If you want to experience a relaxing and sensual massage or tantric massage then choose a body to body massage. It will make you feel better physically and mentally as well as giving you some sexual relief. You won’t regret seeing a massage therapist for this and you may decide to use it as a regular part of your overall health regime.