Body-to-Body Sensual & Erotic Massage

Are you ready to increase your intimacy as you glide across your partners body to body massage with your whole body, dropping into utter bliss and growing the passion between you! It’s time to connect….relax and breathe in a new you as we set the space for love and sensuality to flow between you! The room will be set with soft music, candle light, a relaxing environment, all you’ll need is your partner and we are ready to go!

This sacred massage dance opens the heart to the divine within so you can share it with the beloved or friend before you. As you massage body to body the love within you grows and goes into the other and cycles through as the massage gets more and more intense, sensual and possibly erotic.…if you choose!

This massage combines massage, breath, sound, Contact Improv (no experience necessary), Tantra and deep presence. This work takes you out of your head and into your body and into deep intimacy with your partner. It can be playful, fun, erotic, intense, full of love and light and most of all increases intimacy and sensuality in your relationship.

This is a non-sexual massage, though there is sexual energy involved…what you do with this outside the classroom…I will leave that up to your imagination!! But within the confines of the classroom, there will be no sexual activity, though there will be nudity and touching of full chest…this is why it is important for you to come with a partner that you are fully comfortable sharing touch with.

You will be using your whole body in this massage….this is the place to let go of your inhibitions and shyness, and embrace the lover that you are in your sensual body…and be free!

I will be doing and demonstration of the massage, different techniques and then it will be your turn to practice with each other. Choose to have one just receive or switch!