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hi, you like two girls for your massage? This my Really photos, We are the girls from Malaysia and Japan, we can offer you 4 hand massages Abu Dhabi, Abu dhabi four Hands Massage is an exceptional massage therapy experience. Two specially trained massage therapists use their four hands, with customized pressure and choreographed, rhythmic movements, to induce maximum muscle relief and relaxation. 4 Hands Massage is a full body massage that addresses the whole person, including hypnotic scalp massage and foot reflexology massage. As the therapists give their utmost care and attention, you will feel double the benefit , from the extra therapy and extra pair of hands in this one hour session.

Abu dhabi four hand massage is a massage experience unlike any other routine. Several techniques are combined to give the client the most relaxing treatment possible. Two masseuses will give the treatment using different massage styles. The massage therapists are trained to work simultaneously so the client has the feeling he is being rubbed and kneaded by one person with four hands. This service is not offered in every massage parlor, this distinct technique requires exercise, skills and professionalism which is offered here.

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Abu dhabi Four Hand Massage
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